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Meet Owning Manhattan Star Jessica Markowski

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 28 Jun 2024 15:21 PM / No Comments / 11 views

Jessica Markowski has long been a fashion insider, who has also made successful mark in the real estate world. Now it’s time for the world to meet her. Today she makes her debut in the new Netflix show, Owning Manhattan, which gives a look inside the  high-stakes real estate in New York City. Markowski tells The Daily how she’s used social media to become a player and why you should be working with her.

Congrats on being named Influencer of the year in real estate! Tell us about that and what did that mean to you? 
Thank you so much! I received a Social Media Influencer of the Year Award from the RED Awards. I received the award due to my track record of selling real estate listings via social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok.

How have you used social media to sell real estate?
Social media means more than listing homes and engaging the audience on a transactional basis. Social media is about telling a story and building an aspirational brand that buyers want to connect with. I use social media in order to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of properties and to sell buyers on their dream of owning a beautiful new home.

What were you doing before real estate?
My first job out of college was as Head of Communication for Screenshop, a company founded by Kim Kardashian. Following my job at Screenshop, I dove straight into becoming a full time content creator. I built my business by collaborating with a portfolio of clients in the beauty, lifestyle and fashion industries.

Jessica Markowski

What brands did you work with on social media?
I worked with brands including Clarins, Dr. Jart, Naven, Tru, Leibish Jewelry, Karen Sebagg, ScentBird, D’Alba, Revolve, Onitsuka, Baccarat Hotel, MGM Resorts, Out East Rose, Smile Direct Club, to name a few!

How did you get into real estate?
Working as an independent content creator, I was given the opportunity to create content for a real estate brokerage. As I was creating content in real estate, I started to generate a significant amount of buyers for listings and the brokerage offered me an opportunity to join full time as a real estate agent.

What kind of properties do you sell?
I work for the Bogard team, which is the top performing team at Serhant, and we focus on properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I predominantly focus on the luxury market for listings priced at $5M+ and higher.

Jessica Markowski

How has Instagram helped you in your role?
To most people, Instagram is a form of entertainment. For me, Instagram is a way to generate incremental buyers for my clients. At any given time, when I post a new listing, I typically receive a minimum of 10 interested buyers through Instagram within the first day!

What tips would you recommend for someone wanting to use Instagram as a business?
I have two important tips: 1) pick a niche and focus on that niche and 2) be consistent, it is better to be posting consistently then to focus on posting the “perfect” post.

What’s your long-term plan?
I plan to continue building my real estate business at Serhant. Right now, I am excited about the Netflix show, Owning Manhattan, and using it as a platform to promote New York real estate and the Manhattan lifestyle.

Jessica Markowski

What’s it like working with you?
I put my clients first. I work tirelessly in order to achieve the unique goals of every client. Although I use the MLS (multiple listing service) like every agent, I am able to generate nearly half of my leads through social media channels, which is a key competitive advantage for working with me.

What do you have on tap for the rest of the Summer? 
As you know, the show is airing June 28th, so I will be in New York City for the most part! As any New Yorker, you can catch me on weekends going to the Hamptons!

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