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Engagement rings: Jeweller shares most expensive ring he’s sold

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024 03:37 AM / No Comments / 11 views

For many, purchasing an engagement ring is a monumental investment, particularly when opting for genuine diamonds.

One jeweller has taken to social media to reveal the staggering cost of the priciest engagement ring he’s ever sold, leaving netizens utterly astonished.

The jeweller, known on social platforms as @nextdoorjewellers, often posts videos for those in search of the dream engagement ring. However, the price tag he disclosed is likely to be beyond the reach of most.

In a viral video amassing over 1.7 million likes, he explains: “Let show you the insane diamond that they chose. Starting with colour. At this client’s budget, they have a lot of flexibility.”

“But even with that flexibility when it comes to colour, there’s no reason to go above a G, pure white colour in a setting just as much as a D, E, and F in a similar vein, with clarity.

“All that matters is you cannot see an imperfection with the naked eye. It must be 100% clean.”

“In order to do that, all you need is a vs1 just as good as anything above it on the scale. Clean to the naked eye. I’m excited to reveal that this mystery diamond is an oval brilliant cut.”

“Only rounds have cut grades, so you have to pay attention not to cut doesn’t exist on a GI report. Polish and symmetry. And both the Polish and symmetry grades must be the highest. That shows you the brilliance of the diamond.”

Viewers were also taken aback when he claimed the diamond weighed a hefty 7.05 carats, far exceeding his usual scale.

The most extravagant engagement ring he ever sold fetched an eye-watering $175,000 (£137.5k).

TikTok users were astounded by the staggering price tag, sparking debate over the merits of such an expensive purchase. One user remarked: “I love that he doesn’t try and take people above what is necessary if it doesn’t make a difference, that’s the sign of a good salesman.”

Another chimed in with: “I’m sticking with moissanite,” while someone else quipped: “Oh, so the price of my house.” A fourth simply stated: “I just googled 7-carat oval diamond and that’s insanely large.”

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