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‘Best way to wear your hat to look younger’

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 29 Jun 2024 06:46 AM / No Comments / 12 views

“Creating hats feels like a full-body sensory experience; it’s so tactile and sculptural,” said Sanya Torkmorad-Jozavi, the founder of JOZAVI. “And trying on hats in between feels like playing dress up – there’s such an element of play meets craft.”

Millinery, colloquially know as hat making, is a highly skilled craft that requires a steady hand, exceptional attention to detail and a visionary flair.

It’s the artistic craftsmanship, and its historical and cultural background that drew Sanya to the profession of millinery – it’s “really beautiful”, she beamed.

While happily working away on her latest project in her London studio, Sanya shared why a hat is the perfect addition to any look for a fancy gathering, and how a hat can be a great tool to make you look younger.

“It’s the perfect canvas to frame the face,” she said. “The hat creates a story and memory at a special occasion.”

Wearing a hat at an angle is not only chic and elegant, it “creates light and shadow”, said Sanya, who explained it creates an illusion of a more slim-looking face.

For people wanting to cover their grey roots, Sanya recommended a wide-brimmed beret: “It’s a great way of masking those roots you’ve not had time to dye.”

Those wanting to elongate their proportions, seeming taller and perhaps slimmer, Sanya added: “A hat with height will lengthen your whole self and have you walking tall; the way a hat makes you stand taller lifts your neck up.”

When it comes to choosing a beautiful hat design, Sanya suggested a veil, which is an “elegant wat of blurring any wrinkles” on the face.

Having recently worn her latest headpiece to the Royal Ascot, Sanya revealed her creative process behind the butterfly headpiece.

“The yellows of my dress and butterfly earrings were the starting point,” she revealed, drawing attention to her golden butterfly piece with gorgeous netting.

At the renowned racing event, Sanya was approached by admirers because of her beautifully made hat.

When asked about the attention she received, Sanya said: “It feels special that a headpiece can create a connection and a moment between people – and that’s really what life is about.”

When it comes to her clients, she also values their comfort when it comes to the hat design process. “I like for people to start from what they’ll be wearing [at the event],” said Sanya, who clarified that is when the consultation process begins.

Factors include the event, how someone wishes to wear their hair, the style of their outfit, and then the “hat takes shape” from there.

“I love the way a hat changes the way people stand, their head tilts up with pride and that energy radiated and connects with others.”

Passionate about her craft, Sanya pointed out that hats need not only be worn at the races, or a wedding, they’re also the perfect piece for the Henley Royal Regatta rowing event, black tie events, balls and proms.

Sanya Torkmorad-Jozavi is the founder of JOZAVI – a bespoke millinery experience that unique to you and your lifestyle, with the signature British-Iranian flair.

JOZAVI services include bespoke commissions and ready-to-wear hat accessories available for hire or to purchase.

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