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Best waterproof bags to keep your belongings dry this summer

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 07 Jul 2024 06:24 AM / No Comments / 8 views

With hot summer days on the horizon and a chilly July filled with unexpected showers, waterproof bags are becoming a necessity for keeping your belongings dry.

Whether you’re commuting through the city, planning to attend outdoor festivals or hopping over to southern Europe for some watersports fun, it might be worth investing in a waterproof tote or backpack.

Paddleboard brand Red has introduced a robust carry-all capable of holding 33 litres at once. The is ideal for storing beach towels, electronics, shoes, or wet suits as you embark on a kayak or speedboat for a fun-filled day out.

The bag can also accommodate liquids like a bottle of bubbly, as it’s leak-proof and dirt-proof. It features to separate dry and wet items, and a zipped pocket for your phone and wallet.

There’s an additional external zipped pocket for easy access to small items like keys. The material is durable and resistant to scuffs, tears and punctures.

, one shopper deemed it an “absolute essential”. She stated: “I have used it pretty much every day, for beach trips, boat trips, swimming lessons… you name it!” Another said the bag could fit in a yoga mat and other things she needs for an open swim including a wetsuit, tow float and towel.

“It is and the total bonus of it being completely wipe clean and waterproof – if you could see the inside of my car you would understand why this is absolutely essential!”

Alternatively, thegives an utilitarian aesthetic with a shiny coating for all-weather protection. The £115 accessory comes with a zip closure offers a compressible straps to expand the volume of the bag.

On days when you want a waterproof bag for travel, work or a hike, it’s easier to carry your items in a backpack and Mous’ Extreme Commuter Backpack does the perfect job for you, especially if you need to carry a laptop or a tablet.

The sleek backpack has a capacity of 25 litres and 17 compartments, it’s a go-everywhere, do-everything bag and it is great for city commute. Originally priced at £249.99, shoppers can buy this on Amazon with 12% off and get it for £219.99.

The tech compartment is equipped with AiroFoam to protect your laptop from accidental drop and inside, you can find compartment in different sizes so you can separate your cables and chargers from your clothes and shoes.

Mous founder James Griffith did a “drop test” by putting his Macbook laptop in the Extreme Commuter Backpack and dropped it from the top of a five-storey building. It landed on his car and bounced to the ground – and the result?

The laptop is in working condition but it’s bent on the bottom. While this might be reaching the limits of the backpack, it’s fair to say that the Mous backpack can do a perfect job in keeping your belongings safe and dry in a less extreme scenario.

Looking for a smaller bag for day-to-day use? Helly Hansen’s Stockholm Backpack is slim and has an easy roll-top closure for you to access your essentials. It’s also available on Amazon with discounts, currently priced at £44.99.

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